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Internet Marketing and Web Design

Showcase your product and deliver your message effectively on the internet. The best internet marketing websites are based upon a clean, user-friendly design focusing on the desired visitor response.

Your internet-based marketing program includes: a PLAN outlining your goals and objectives; a Framework – the web DESIGN which will deliver your message; and CONTENT – the words and images that tell your story and attract the clients you want.

  • Design goal is to create a website that delivers a compelling message to your marketing target.
  • Purpose of the your content is to help qualify the visitor to your website and convince them to take your desired action.
  • Actively communicate your message & keep customers engaged via effective use of electronic media such as email or RSS.

Keys to Success for Your Website

  • The PLAN sets-forth your GOALS and OBJECTIVES.
  • The DESIGN is about how it LOOKS and WORKS.
  • The CONTENT is about the MESSAGE that YOU want to deliver.

Other Website Considerations

  • Logo Your logo is the first impression you give to potential clients and is an important part of your brand.
  • “Value Proposition” You must have, or develop, a Business “Value Proposition”. Your value proposition is a short and to-the-point statement setting your business apart from all competitors. Also known as a Unique Sales Proposition, or “USP



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